The league is .75 PPR

I have AP and Foster as my starting RBs.

My starting WR 1 is Cruz.

Im stuggling to decide who to start in my WR2 and Flex slots.

One of these three needs to sit.

Andre Johnson
Dez Bryant
CJ Spiller

Bryant and Johnson have favorable match-ups against the ravens and panthers respectively.

Johnson just isnt having a great season, however, and seems to have dropped in the passing hierarchy in Houston.

Dez is a little inconsistant, but has had great games the past two weeks. I think he might come out ready to play after dropping that 2pt conversion last week and suffering a lot of criticism in the aftermath.

Spiller faces a vulnerable Titans D. My only worry with him is the Fred Jackson factor, which will limit his touches. It has come out this week that Jackson and Spiller alternate every two series. But the guy is a homerun threat every time he touches the ball.

Who should I sit? Im leaning towards playing spiller and bryant.

please give some input.