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Thread: Abortion, Two Stories Today That Seem Intended for Each Other

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    Abortion, Two Stories Today That Seem Intended for Each Other

    MSNBC's Matthews likens Romney-Ryan abortion platform to 'Shariah' law

    MSNBC host Chris Matthews suggested that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan if elected would run the country according to a “religious theory” -- likening their pro-life stance to "Shariah."

    Matthew made the remarks during his preview to the Tuesday night presidential debate in which he also suggested the Republican presidential ticket would give a just-fertilized egg the 14th Amendment rights of life, liberty and property.

    “Whatever that means,” Matthews continued, as reported first by the website NewsBusters. “An egg that had just been fertilized, right after sex, if you will.”

    “And to have that notion that that would be a person under this personhood thing that Ryan’s pushing, and under the 14th Amendment rights, the platform that Romney’s running on. This is extremism. I say (to the) center right tonight -- it's almost like Shariah."

    Matthew also suggested Romney and Ryan were telling Americans that they would “operate under a religious theory, under a religious belief. We're going to run our country this way, to the point of making a woman's decision to have an abortion, her reproductive rights, as criminal, perhaps murderous.”

    MSNBC has not responded to a request for comment.

    Restaurateur charged with Attempted Murder inducing then-girlfriend to miscarry

    CNN) -- Prosecutors have charged a restaurateur with attempted murder for allegedly trying to induce his then-girlfriend to miscarry, the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office said Wednesday.

    Joshua Woodward, 40, pleaded not guilty to four counts of attempted, willful and premeditated murder. Prosecutors say Woodward used the drug misoprostol on four occasions in fall 2009 to induce his then-girlfriend to miscarry.

    Woodward's attorney said his client had nothing to do with the woman's miscarriage.

    "The evidence presented against Mr. Woodward is so weak and virtually non-existent. I am sure we will be able to prove Mr. Woodward's innocence," Mark Werksman said in a written statement.

    A judge set bail at $4 million, a news release from the district attorney's office said.

    Woodward, who lives in Florida, is scheduled for a bail review hearing on Thursday afternoon.

    According to the National Institutes of Health, misoprostol is used to treat ulcers or to induce labor. It can also be combined with mifepristone to end a pregnancy in its early stages, the agency's website says.

    Woodward faces up to life in prison, prosecutors said.

    He was co-owner of restaurants in Los Angeles and Miami Beach that have since closed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FF2 View Post
    1. Chris Matthews is a total moron. He and the other 5 or 6 hosts on MSNBC. Frankly, there is not one that makes an effort at EVER being reasonable. They used to have Dylan Radigan who was semi reasonable but MSNBC can't have reasonable. I would like to extract Matthew's teeth with pliers.

    2. Sounds like attempted murder to me. You can't go around poisoning people. For whatever reason.

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    Can I kick him the bal-s while you pull?

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    Liberals believe in cradle to grave welfare.... the hard part is making to the cradle.


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