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Thread: Key to the game: Don't get down by more than 7

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    This week is no different than any other hold them to 14 or less total, and score 15+, tall order, given our O currently and their OL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe W. Namath View Post
    Is there a game where it is key to get down by more then 7?
    Seattle used that strategy pretty effectively last Sunday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctjetfan View Post
    If the PATS get up by 10 or 14 points, Sanchez will be forced to throw, and I don't think our OL can handle their rush on every down. We'll end up getting trounced.

    If we keep it close and have the flexibility to mix it up, I think we can pull one out.
    Oh, this is so going to happen. Sanchez will find a way to throw another 2 yard int. The colts are a terrible team, the Pats are not.


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