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    Quote Originally Posted by jetrider View Post
    Tanny's a wimp. We need a more aggressive talent producer.

    I'm still bummed he made no effort to approach JAX for MJD.

    We'll find out ...
    Its not the lack of effort with JAX etc....I fact I hate the way they chase older players and give up picks. I would prefer we keep ALL of our picks and study HARD and use them.

    I have been pretty pleased with watching our bench players show up. When Kerley and McNight CHASED down the pick at the end of 1st half Texans. I was pumped. The OLD Jets let him run in for a TD. If the JETS show will I.

    Our drafts have been below average and that needs to stop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mohegangreen View Post
    Next, Ray Ray will admit we have some weaknesses...
    I wouldn't hold my breath on Ray Ray. He still thinks Kellen Clemens never got a fair shot.

    I think this guy has it right. Though he left out a few things. It's more like ten things need to happen.

    Coples really is huge though. If we have some long-shot hope, he's it. If that guy showed up today and was a game-wrecker, we'd all have some new hope. You really can't beat them unless you get Brady moving. He's lethal if he's just standing there.

    Perhaps they could find a way to get Landry involved in the pass rush. His speed could take them by surprise if he is sprung at the right time.


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