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Thread: Jets need to play like the Gators did

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    Jets need to play like the Gators did

    Was at this game, we won 44-11 with less than 200 yards of offense.
    4 turnovers garnered by the defense a x special teams .Just enough offense-
    think we had 100 yards passing. Think this is what Rex wants, hope we get
    this type of play today!

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    Yes, it seems like every big game that we have against this team, we lose because of turnovers...just once, it would be nice to be +3 vs this team today and beat them up instead of beating ourselves

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    Yeah, a fumble or two would be nice.

    But you can't expect the Jets to win with less than 200 yards of offense. It just won't happen.

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    I completely agree.

    IMO, to win this game we need a STs TD or a defensive TD (both would be nice) and +2 TO differential without turning the ball over ourselves. Can't let the Pats score before the half (under 2 mins), they always steal points before the half, especially if they are getting the ball to start the 2nd half.

    I am not going to get caught up in saying we have to pass the ball to win. The passing game is not our strength. We need to find a way to run the ball and keep Brady on the sidelines. Convert 3rd downs.

    On defense we need to tackle the RBs and get pressure on Brady.

    Nothing earth-shattering but if we do these things I think we will have a great shot.

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    Why not?

    No reason it can't happen, we have the #1 Gator.......... TEBOW

    Geaux Jets!


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