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Thread: Jeff triplette and crew today

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatriotReign View Post
    Waaahhhh... the Patriots are too fast...tell them to slow down...waaahhhh.

    Other teams (but apparently not the Jets) routinely do hurry up snaps attempting to catch the other team with too many men still on the field.

    At least the Jets already have a built in conspiracy excuse if they lose.
    You're obviously missing the point of the argument.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kentucky Jet View Post
    And now the question becomes whether Pats coach Bill Belichick will rebuke the Jets, Harbaugh-style, for both criticizing and influencing officiating.
    Anybody, aside from me, LAUGHED HIS/HER ASS OFF at reading this part?

    Talk about the Pot calling the Kettle black.....


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