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Thread: On paper the JEts don't have a chance...

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    Quote Originally Posted by FF2 View Post
    Ride was fun. No "recrimations" at all.
    Oh man...the recrimations™ I had. I got so nervous I was downing brewskies in my basement at the rate of 1 every 5 minutes in the second half.

    I remember yelling and cursing a one point..I quit this site, swore off my priorities...somehow got past my wife...and dinner...up to memory of it. I vaguely remember something about OT.

    Woke up....done with it all. Done with football, teh feckers.

    I was done.

    I think I'm still done.

    Went to my son's Football game tonight....watched his QB get carted off the field to an ambulance with an exposed bone wrist injury...(which I knew would happen, this kid is all heart, not much arm, runs 25 times a game and is not a big kid)...

    Why do we do this.

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    Why? Because we're a bunch of farking retahds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big L View Post
    Why? Because we're a bunch of farking retahds.
    Big L is Big Right


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