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Thread: With a better QB we win by 2-3 TDs today

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    Mark Sanchez = Great Loser

    Watching his presser. Kid has become a good loser.

    He added a new wrinkle tonight, the "aw shucks".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainejet View Post
    But you know sh*t about what McElroy has to offer, but Sanchez is still the guy? In a division that is clearly up for grabs even after today. NE sucks. Miami sucks. Buffalo sucks. And, YES, the Jets very much do suck.

    So by your logic, WHEN is there ever a good time to try out a new QB? I guess the Jets were stupid for trying out Sanchez in 2009 when the Jets were a SB ready team short of a QB?

    You're a dingbat, if you think continuing to start Sanchez is the answer. He's yesterday's trash and that cannot be debated.
    Ummm how about when the Broncos were 1-4 last year and they just tried Tebow to see what he had? Perfectly reasonable. The Jets despite your rambling are not that bad of a football team. At least not bad enough where they should tank the season to see what they have in a 7th round quarterback. Anyone who thinks we should bench ANY qb when your 3-4 and very much in the race is f****** brain-dead. Considering you kill animals for fun it doesn't really shock me that you'd be the one advocating for a benching after this game.

    Stick to hunting. Football sounds like it's too complicated for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDNYjets View Post
    JB, you need to grade Sanchez on the Pats D curve. He is supposed to throw for 300 yds.

    And the Pats might have had more drops than us.

    He is just too inconsistent. Not even from game to game, but from play to play.
    That is a great point! To me sanchez is the good, the bad and the ugly wrapped up in one average or slightly below average NFL QB. His fans will make excuse after excuse but this is a team game and the team can not win with an inconsistent QB.


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