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Thread: Win 2 of 3 we have 2nd chance at First!

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    Win 2 of 3 we have 2nd chance at First!

    Win 2 of the next 3 and the Jets are back in first. Close game, but there are new players stepping up and I like what I see... Big game next week.

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    If you compare how we played in Miami (won a game we should have lost) and how we played yesterday (lost a game we should have won) you can definitely see improvement - even despite our two major injuries.

    To me this bodes well for the short term (players haven't quit, if anything they're fighting harder now) and the long term (younger players are improving).

    If we play next week with the same intensity and avoid one or two mistakes that plagued us yesterday, we will win and be 4-4 at the bye (3-1 in the division). A lot of people would have bitten your arm off if you offered them that before week 1, and certainly after the SF blow out. I was starting to fear at that point that the season was over - yesterday has given me faith that it is FAR from over.

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    Assuming New England goes 2-1, because if they're 7-3 and we're 5-5, we're not playing for first.

    Let's just hope we don't come out flat after an emotional letdown. Beat Miami and go from there.


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