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    Don't know bout you guys but the Turkey Day game is circled in red on my calendar.

    Yes we lost in OT. Also played a hell of a good game. Pats are good. Can't expect to sweep em. Bad call or two, a drop (again or two Hill n Cro), and a special teams slip all combined to let the win slip away.

    Given how we've been playing lately, combined with an "easier" schedule from now on. Thanksgiving may just be another battle for 1st.

    Now I just need to get a portable turkey frier for the tailgate. Any suggestions?

    Damn it, I want a home playoff game!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike135 View Post
    Now I just need to get a portable turkey frier for the tailgate. Any suggestions?
    Look up the Good Eats where Alton Brown makes his own outdoor frier. And do it over grass. If its frozen, watch out for the water going everywhere.

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    First off, Pats played like garbage and gave us every opportunity to win the game, yet Sanchez/Sporano/Rex couldn't get it done.

    Sanchez was constantly making in accurate passes with barely any pressure. He botched a handoff, grossly underrated Hill turning a TD into an INT, the guys tats are so misleading. He threw about 7 good passes out of however many attempts he had.

    Sporano is a god damn idiot for going out of shotgun formation on a 3rd and 1 from the 2. That is inexcusable. If you want to throw, you run play action from under center.

    This is no time for "rally the troops and et some revenge" come Thanksgiving. We let a game get away that we should have easily won. There is no silver lining or bright side to it. Sanchez was awful for the first 30 minutes, and then decent in the 2nd half against a horrific secondary.

    Sorry, but you can't let these games slip away vs your arch rival.

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    Not me. I'd like to actually enjoy my Thanksgiving.


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