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Thread: Playing Time: Jets vs Pats

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    Playing Time: Jets vs Pats

    Manish Mehta ‏@MMehtaNYDN
    In most important game of the season to date, Tim Tebow was on the field for 5 of the Jets' 82 offensive snaps. (4 rushes for 12 yards)

    Left guard rotation: Matt Slauson played 53 of 82 snaps (62%). Vlad Ducasse played 29 snaps

    Jets' first-round pick Quinton Coples played a season-high 70 snaps yesterday. He was in for 90% of the defensive snaps in loss to Pats

    Jets' rookie LB Demario Davis was in for a season-high 69 defensive snaps (90%) yesterday. Bart Scott in for only 9 of 78 snaps.

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    I'm shocked that's all Bart played. I thought I saw him a lot more than that.

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    I love seeing the young guys play and probably their best defensive performance of the year.

    Maybe Rex will start to lean on the youth and speed going forward. The more he gets to trust these guys the more they'll play.

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    Defense saw the big changes again as its starting to become clearer and clearer that the Jets are headed towards a youth movement. Bart Scott played in just 12% of the snaps this week and is clearly being phased out of the defense, especially against quicker paced passing teams like New England. He can't be happy in this role and played almost as many special teams snaps as he did regular snaps. My gut tells me that the Jets would look to release him after the bye week if he complains about playing time. If he is ok with it the coaching staff likes him enough to keep him around. Quinton Coples saw action on 90% of the snaps this week while Demario Davis was in on 88%. The biggest surprise was Isaiah Trufant getting 88% of the snaps, replacing Ellis Lankster as the third corner. Prior to this game Trufant has played no defensive snaps in 4 of the last 5 games. Lankster only came in for 2 plays.

    The question some may have on offense is why did Stephen Hill play so much? The Jets upped his numbers to a season high 80% of the offensive snaps and of course he had a few drops out there. Its a difficult thing to work rookie WR's into a mix on a team trying to win now. He took away most of Chaz Schilens snaps, though Schilens was generally ineffective when he did see action this week as well. I think it will be interesting to see how the team comes out next week with their WR splits. The Slauson/Ducasse numbers were in their normal range. Ducasse was higher than usual this week but I think that is simply because the offense was more effective on his drives than on Slausons. The Jets rotate them by drive and not by play count. Lex Hilliard saw alot of time on the field and I think the staff is really liking what he brings to the table. He is used far more than John Conner was in the offense. When Jeff Cumberland got hurt Konrad Reuland got the benefit. He was forgotten with the return of Dustin Keller but did get a chance on 30% of the snaps this game.

    Here are the percent of downs played by our offense and defense in week 7, plus the cumulative percent of snaps on the year.:

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    stephen hill opens up the passing game and running game even if he drops balls, he should be getting 100% of the snaps.


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