It's funny because I see alot about the good Mark/bad Mark argument and most agree he shows flashes of great play with flashes of "are you kidding me" moments. But the reality is it's the whole team that's doing this. The OL played solid football for the most part, yet suddenly at the end they can't open a hole and Mark is running for his life at the end of the game. Defense starts the year awful, then have an 8 quarter stretch of great football, then let Brady march down the field in 1:10 seconds. Hill will make a great catch one minute then drops the easy ones. Greene plays epically horrible football for 5 games, then suddenly he looks like a monster. This whole team has played some great football in the last 3 weeks, yet they've dropped off and made inexcusable boneheaded mistakes at some of the most inopportune times. It leaves me scratching my head because on one hand I think the coaches have done a heck of a job having this ragtag unit playing at a high level given all the injuries, but then the brainfarts and mistakes would lead you to believe the coaching is lacking as well.