View Poll Results: What's most to blame for yesterday's loss?

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  • Stephen Hill's dropped pass with less than 2 minutes to go

    28 22.76%
  • Poor coaching (passing on 3rd and goal from inside 3, bad clock management)

    46 37.40%
  • Defense not holding the lead with 1:30 remaining

    19 15.45%
  • Sanchez's QB performance (328 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 90.3 rating)

    15 12.20%
  • Other

    15 12.20%
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Thread: What do you blame most for yesterday's loss to New England?

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    Homerism much? Sanchez easily despite those stats he still reads the defenses like he is a rookie hell all of the rookies this year are outperforming him

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    When a close game is won, you can give credit to one unit or person. When there are so many lost opportunities all around, the blame is shared all around. But even having said that, allowing the McCourty kick return for a score was a killer, because it just deflated all the momentum and high feelings built up over a long, successful drive, and the Special Teams unit is supposed to be elite. Sure you can blame Hill for dropping that ball but he is a rookie - why did the coaching staff put him in that position? A more experienced, similar (cough cough) WR would have CAUGHT IT!
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    other the Jets played well enough top win if they were not robbed by the wwe i mean the nfl refs

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    Quote Originally Posted by leftturn3 View Post
    I am sorry to say but the D for not holding with 2min left.

    I thought Sanchez played extremely well, the pass to Keller in the end zone in coverage was nothing short of beautiful, that is a veteran throw. 1 pick for Brady as well, if Cro holds on.
    Yes Sanchez eventually coughs up the ball in OT, but if the D holds we are not in that spot.

    I will take the Sanchez we saw yesterday all season long making rookies look good. the D needs to step up.
    That throw and catch happened so fast you couldn't even see it in real time. I wanted to see it over and over on replay, but they never showed it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jetstream23 View Post
    True, but many aren't giving a professional football player who is playing in the NFL a pass for dropping a perfectly thrown football when he's paid millions of dollars to catch it.
    Yes, and at this point bad Hill drops are a trend. Very frustrating

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    Are there really people blaming the loss on Hill's drop?

    How about the wonder boy throwing one of the worst lame duck passes I've ever seen when Hill was in the endzone with no one within 10 yards of him? A play designed with Hill as the primary target from the get-go. Yet another gift wrapped turnover that Sanchez has grown so accustomed to delivering.

    Sanchez and the coaching staff are the two main culprits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by revischrist View Post
    I agree that D is very misleading it doesn't adjust the stats to show Hill and Schillens drops.

    Pats had more drops than we did yesterday. Many more.

    If we are going to nitpick, in the first half one of our receivers was able to tip a ball that would have resulted in an INT. Ball was about 5 feet over his head.

    Stats don't tell the whole story.

    Like I said Rex (his defense), Sparano and Sanchez are all culpable. The team is inconsistent from the top down.

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    all of the options are viable. i didn't like the calls at the goal line and i didn't much like the first down tebow run. i mean tebow really has to start passing or he's not fooling anyone. hill had to catch that pass. sanchez didn't have to force the int pass nor did he have to take the late sack since reuland was completely uncovered. of course the defense only needed to make a single play on the patsie final drive.

    still, i hope the jets can shake this one off because the next game is equally important. get into the bye at 4-4 and things will look a whole lot better. and while you can fault the play calling at some points it's still miles above the little schitt.

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    mcknight needs more touches. seems like everytime he gets the ball it's for a good gain.

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    stone hands hill......

    HE lost that game for us. It was an easy catch....wide open wtf you just CANT drop easy clutch almost game winning balls like that. I dont care about his rookie status....his hands have been in question since college, people questioned them in the draft....he has been unimpressive all year dropping balls like they were coated with astroglide and now this. NO EXCUSES

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    Quote Originally Posted by sameoldjets View Post
    mcknight needs more touches. seems like everytime he gets the ball it's for a good gain.
    Mcknight definitely needs that ball more. shon green is VERY so-so imo

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    Wait a second, people are blaming Sanchez for the fumbled handoff?

    That's crazy.

    Slauson got dominated so badly that Greene didn't run through the handoff the way he was supposed to.

    I don't blame Sanchez or Greene for that, it was on Slauson.

    Watch the play again. Greene makes a slight cut back to his right before he ever has the ball. He doesn't do that if Slauson does his job. After the ball was on the ground, Sanchez made the smart, and very aware, play by kicking it out of the endzone.

    For the poll, I chose B, but would choose other if I could have it back. I think it was the kickoff return that cost us the game.

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    Not letting Jebow call the OT coin flip.

    He always calls "heads" and wins it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cedk View Post
    other= all of the above for me
    And the safety......
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    Quote Originally Posted by LA Jet Fan View Post
    With all that happened in that game and the Jets actually having a chance to win I blame the coaching 100%.

    For them to play scared at the end of the game and not try to get a first down is hands down the worst of all the game foul ups.
    They played scared when we needed the coaching to step up the most.

    1 first down there and we win the game. Instead of being aggresive at that point when we were lucky to get the ball back in first place, we run twice up the middle and then roll out on 3rd time.

    We played for the tie and lost the game. How in the world did they not think that Brady was gonna drive down with 1.30 left and a time out and not get a field goal is a head shaker.

    We frecking deserved to lose!!!!!!!!
    ... I said basically the same things yesterday you just said . Boomer and Carton are ranting this now as we speak. HOW do you run Tebow into the line when you have a first down at the opponents 18. and then follow with the mindless call of running a Lame back,( McKnight,) into the line again for no gain. ?? Sparano showed no guts , no confdence in Sanchez. tHE GAME was absolutely winnable at that time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adb280z View Post
    The D is supposed to be the strength of this team and they showed once again that they can't get stops when they need to.
    A lot of you blaming the d here. Don't blame the fact that the whole defensive strategy changed after we took the lead. The loss has got to be blamed on coaching. You throw on 1st down in the red zone, and you either run the option with Tebow or throw the ball on 1st down to try and get a TD, or at least a 1st down after the muffed kick. The slant to Schilens would have been okay, but for the fact that the exact same thing happened the first 2 times they tried that play. They should have countered that with an outside move, or go with Rueland in that spot to give the threat of a run. They should have stayed aggressive on D with the lead, and in overtime they had us stuck in our d without being able to sub. Should have called a timeout there or fake injury. You can blame this loss on coaching, but you can't discount the fact that coaching put us in the lead with 2 min to go. They just did everything wrong from that point on. Same way you can blame the loss on Mark, but need to realize that he doesn't have the chance to blow the game if he didn't play so well to give us the lead in the first place. Maybe they read this board and never thought it was necessary to practice what to do with the lead at the end of the game.

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    As bad as Hill's drop was, the call on 3rd and 1 was infinitely worse. I guess at that moment on that play, Greene's bones were made of confetti.

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    I blame the Dolphins. But then again, I blame them for everything.

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    You could blame a lot of things that could have changed the outcome...

    But if Hill catches that ball NE doesn't have time to score after the FG. End of discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelioion View Post
    You could blame a lot of things that could have changed the outcome...

    But if Hill catches that ball NE doesn't have time to score after the FG. End of discussion.

    Not quite.

    We were DOWN BY THREE POINTS at the time Hill dropped that pass. It was before the KO Return fumble.

    We got the FG to tie the game anyway.

    The only way the Hill play has any bearing on the outcome is if you think it is a lock that we go in from the 12 to score a TD and that there is not enough time on the clock for them to answer back in regulation. Chances are that we would not have punched it in and they would have used their TOs and the two minute warning to leave the game tied with maybe a minute on the clock to get the WINNING FG. Or failing that the game goes into OT anyway.

    All of that is assuming we hit the chip shot FG and assuming we do not throw the ball at all and stop the clock on ourselves or indeed that we do not turn the ball over in the red zone which we all know this team never does. All things considered the most likely outcome is run it three times and kick the FG to tie. The Hill play was disheartening but of all of the options in this poll that is by far the LEAST important IMO.


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