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Thread: What time is the debate on?

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    This is what loses me every time. I sat and watched Romney interrupt both the moderators and president on multiple occasions throughout the 3 debates. When he scolded the obama - telling him he'll get his turn - I thought it showed a complete lack of class. Whether or not he respects Obama he should respect the fact he's the president.

    Obama decided to retalliate with similar attacks and Romney tried to play victim last night. It was classic case of a bully getting smacked in the mouth.

    What a lload of pure BS crap.
    Obama is an unpolished smart a$$ buffoon. Facial expression lie a punk. Smirking and know it all. Just like Biden the punk. Undigified. Has anyone EVER seen a more undignified president of the U.S. He behave more like Berlusconi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pac2566 View Post
    I never said Mitt was the aggressor in the 3rd debate. He was meek and agreeable.

    I watched quite a bit of post debate talk on various channels. MSNBC predictably had Obama eviscerating Mitt but every other channel also had Obama winning. I'm just saying I'm not sure how you can watch that last night and think Mitt won.
    If your definition of winning is glaring angrily at your opponent while busting out petty one liners that were pre-planned personal attacks rather then defining a vision then yes Obama won. I thought he looked angry and I thought his comments were a mix of arrogant and sarcastic. The disdain he has for Romney was palpable.

    Since the subject of the apology tour came up there have been some interesting compilations of Obama's 2009 nobel peace prize winning world tour. I advise everyone here to look those up. The way he went around the world saying things like, under my stewardship America will no longer torture its prisoners, was sickening. Not because torturing people is great mind you. The problem is going to foreign soil and stating that we tortured anyone. That type of language is simply inappropriate on the international stage. It was an embarrasment. Worse he hinted that our foray into Iraq was a mistake and an overreaction to 9/11. We lost 4000 lives freeing that country from a dictator and he is apologizing for it? He should have touted all the good America has done for the world. He told arab leaders that in the past America has tried to dictate terms but now that will change. You have to see this stuff its sickening to rewatch it. For me it is a reminder of the disappointment of 2009 when any those of us that pay close attention to this type of stuff realized what a disaster it was to elect someone that was completely unqualified to handle the job.
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