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Thread: RV Parking - At game and surrounding areas

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    RV Parking - At game and surrounding areas

    Me and 5 friends are driving an RV to New York (from Canada) for the two great games at Metlife Stadium over thanksgiving weekend. I have never been to the NY area, but have looked at a lot of maps. You can only get so much from a map.

    I'm looking for any tips you guys might have.

    - What parking lot should I try to get into for the best tailgating, or do all RV's have to park in the same parking lot? (there isn't much info on the Jets website)

    - We also need a place to camp somewhat near (within a 30 minute drive, preferably) to the stadium. Any ideas? Again, campgrounds are not easy to find on the internet.

    Any other tips would be appreciated!

    GO JETS.

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    I moved this to the strip so maybe one of the veteran RV tailgaters will see it.


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    There's a campsite very nice one called turkey swamp park in freehold nj ,it's about 50 min from stadium

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    We took a party bus to the home opener and it took 4 parking passes to get in the lot. Which we had, because we got a VIP ticket package directly from the Jets.

    Also, you cannot park in a regular parking spot. You have to park against the curb. The curb space fills up quickly in the PSL lots, but no so quickly in the VIP lots.


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