I'm going with the PI call on Wilson, not only because of what most have said, but also because just a few short plays later, the ref did NOT call it on that 3rd down pass to Hernandez that stalled the drive and forced the Pats to kick the FG...so if it wasn't a pass interference then, how the hell was it before?

I was at the game, so I haven't been able to see the replays myself, but from where I was in the stands, it seemed that both Hernandez and Wilson had their hands on each other on both plays, so at most it's a non-call, let the players play, and the drive should've ended before the Patriots were in FG range.

The time issue on the McCourty fumble is certainly intriguing though...they were actually talking about it on sports radio here in New England a little while ago. I'd love to see a replay and see if the clock stopped "conveniently" just before the 2:00 mark, which saved the Patriots from calling a timeout...can anybody post that?