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Thread: Body of Autumn Pasquale Found :(

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    sort of related I presume. There is a great app you can get on your smart phone called "Life360" which will show you all the sex offenders within your given location.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timmy® View Post
    and now those poor kids in NYC killed by their nanny. are you kidding me? wonder why i like dogs more than people?
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    Because as long as you own a jar of peanut butter and a cawk, you'll never be lonely? doesnt get much more awful than that.

    I consider myself truly blessed that my kids were never watched by a stranger. I cringe when I see kids with nannies...human nature will tell you that having enough patience for your own kids can be trying...imagine the resentment built up in poor folks that gravitate towards the field.

    The long hours, away from their own loved ones... watching people they percieve as spoiled live in relative luxury.

    Its a bad scene waiting to happen.


    Didn't hear that story yet. Just. Wow.

    I entrusted my kids in daycare 5 days a week, and thankfully we were lucky enough to have a top-notch daycare center closeby. Maybe its a good thing we don't have 'nanny money'.

    My god...imagine being away on business (which has to be rough as it is, I know it would be for me) and then getting that kind of phone call. Damn.


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