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Thread: Will injuries save the Jets season?

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    Will injuries save the Jets season?

    Granted, I don't want to see any more, we've seen enough. Talk about getting back to the mean.
    But, many here can't stand Holmes, (including me). Kerley looks like he's a player.
    Without Holmes Mark can relax more, doesn't have to worry about "feeding" him & he doesn't have to worry about him rolling his eyes & basically showing him up on the field.
    I also think it forces Mark to just throw to the open guy.
    Addition by Subtraction

    Biggest issue here is that Ellis got hurt too! But, truth is Pouha makes 3 million a year & he won't be in our future plans. The other young guy Harrison has gotten more snaps.
    Addition by Subtraction because we know we don't have to draft a NT or resign Pouha

    Bart Scott/Thomas
    They are done, we all know it. Davis is next up & now Rex will have to give him playing time. Also Dowtin will now be brought in also as Rex looks to speed up this defense.
    Addition by Subtraction we have all been calling for more Davis & to see what Dowtin can do

    Cromartie has really stepped up & the secondary has played well. Wilson is getting much needed practice at CB instead of always being in the nickel. Plus we picked up Aaron Berry? what do we know about him other than he was a starting CB for the Lions. Who knows what we get from him but you just never know if this is the stop that changes his life. Rex has dealt with bad boys before.
    PUSH we weren't winning a Superbowl anyway, so we find out if we can live without Revis & we get Derrelle Revis playing for another contract when he comes back. Maybe we trade him, maybe not but we just held the Pats to 17 points in regulation in Gillette. Did we ever do that with Revis?

    John Conner
    This guy stunk & we replaced him with a better player in Lex Hilliard
    Addition by Subtraction the run game is already better, this guy blocks better, catches better & is a great ST player

    Still to be determined

    What concerns me about the above is that it kind of proves a theory among Jet fans that Rex is just to damn loyal to players that are not getting it done onthe field.
    The strange thing is that these injuries might make the Jets a better team for the remainder of the season & going into 2013.

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    Your right I but I think with McKnight Who has been getting more carries looks like he is getting better each game, McKnight looks more like a leader playing hurt to try and hep out the team

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    I stopped when you said Pouha being injured is a addition by subtraction, we are talking about one of the top NTs in football last season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by k.Rhodes25 View Post
    I stopped when you said Pouha being injured is a addition by subtraction, we are talking about one of the top NTs in football last season.
    That's more about next year
    3 million to spend elsewhere


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