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Thread: Belicheat would make it work

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinniekt View Post
    Article today, after I started this thread 3 weeks ago, all my points including the last sentence comment by the author.


    So someone out there has your way of thinking. want a Medal or something?

    And this statement is a case of Obvious-Statement-is-Obvious :

    one can only wonder what Tim Tebow might accomplish were he to relocate from Florham Park to Foxborough.
    I've said it before in this thread(thanks for bumping this thread up...unless your thread was mercifully merged here) :

    Bellichoke would've found a way to make Mark be an effective QB. Tebow would not even get a shot because HE'S *NOT* AN NFL QB!

    BB knows this and that is why he would rather have a QB to work with instead of a FB/HB trying to be a QB.
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