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Thread: Living on the Edge

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    Living on the Edge

    Hey, was there more than a few minutes last game, or the Texans game for that matter, that you weren't on the edge of your seat with your heart in your mouth?
    Last game was what football is all about... hanging on every play, the adrenaline rush when something good happens, and the adrenaline rush when they screw up.
    I was actually screaming at the damn television, watching alone. My visting Russian mother in law, with no english, sorta hiding in her room.
    Would I rather have all Bills and Colts games? Intellectually, yeah.

    But now that another day has passed I've come to realize that this is football and I freakin' love it. I'm hanging on every minute for Sunday when another cliff hanger is coming our way. It's why we are fans, admit it!

    And oh yeah, What do you do when you miss your mother-in-law?

    Reload and try again. ta dum dum

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