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Thread: RESULTS of Jets-patsies PREDICT the Score

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    Exclamation RESULTS of Jets-patsies PREDICT the Score

    I dont usually post this thread after the Jets lose, but it really turned out to be a decent game...

    We would have won if Cro had caught that easy interception.
    We would have won if Hill had caught that easy pass...etc

    In terms of our contest, of the 100 participants, very few actually picked this outcome properly.
    The final was :
    Pats 29
    Jets 26 in overtime.

    Many had a close game, but with the Jets winning.
    Many others had the Pats winning by BIG margins...wrong!

    VERY few had the Pats winning in a tight game.(OT)

    The winner of our JI Week #7 contest is:

    ubrnostrum who picked the Pats by a 24-21 score. Right on the 3-point spread. Good job.

    Unusual award of second place this week goes to our friend LimoLady.
    She actually predicted an overtime game, that would then be won by a FG.
    Unfortunately, she had the Jets winning...

    3rd place to: NJ Cap2

    HonMen to Vinny's Neice

    Nobody else was very close.Oh well...
    Try again this week vs the Doll-fags.

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