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Thread: PREDICT the SCORE: JETS vs MIA dolphins

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    I look at that Hill-dropped pass exactly the same way...
    if he catches that (easy) pass, we win the game...PERIOD.

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    Miami 20- Jets 14.... fired up Phins', flat Jets, this one is going to be hard to watch.

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    Jets 20
    Dolphins 10

    It will be an ugly game, but Jets will get a defensive TD late to put this one away.

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    Jets 31

    Fish 17

    Sanchez 2TDs

    Greene 1 TD

    Tebow gets 1st rushing TD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gibby View Post
    Hate to say it. Just a bad feeling. Might sound like SOJ buuuuuut.

    Fish 27
    Jets 23
    Looks like is was ahead of the curve as unlike all you homers on this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gibby View Post
    Looks like is was ahead of the curve as unlike all you homers on this one.
    Must be my 25 years + experience in the field.

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    Quote Originally Posted by southparkcpa View Post
    THIS is a ban post if ever I saw one. Ban you sir.

    jets win.
    Hate to admit it but I was real close,minus Greenes 35 yd garbage time run ,few different players,cro for Landry but I was real close

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warfish View Post
    Dolphins 24

    Jets 17

    Tannehill outplays Sanchez.

    Sanchez with minimum 2 turnovers.
    Lets see.....

    Was 1 TD Off (Jets -7, Fins +7). As usual, the flaw was giving the Jets too much credit.

    Tannhell didn't outplay Sanchez.....their backup outplayed him. No suprise there.

    And Sanchez was responsible for 2 turnovers, and it should have been at least 4. Again, no suprise there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big L View Post
    Jets blew their wad last week. A slow, awful game to watch tomorrow. Two high school teams going at it. Missed field goals, missed tackles, dropped passes, fumbles, the whole nine yards.

    Jets - 6
    Fish - 7

    Folk stays perfect for the season, but misses XP.
    I wasn't too far off. An awful game to watch, and definitely one high school team out there.

    Actually, a high school team would have given a ton more effort than the Jets did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jxc View Post
    The Dolphins are just in the Top 10 for pass defense. That means Sanchez is good for at least 1 TD and 1 turnover. Someone mentioned Nick Folk doing well, so that's ruined now. He'll miss a field goal. Special teams haven't scored on a return for a while so that may happen. Tebow is going to score also.
    But it won't be enough.

    Jets 21
    Dolphins 28

    The game will be heralded as another Mark Sanchez led moral victory.
    Honorable Mention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by auctionking View Post
    Phins 30
    Jets 6

    Game is close early Landry makes two dumb pf penaltys to extend two drives,Maybin gets 2nd tackle of season,Smith shuts down Hill. Tebow is stopped on a 4th and 4 . Greene 25 carries for 64 yds
    Was real close


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