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Thread: Schaub, Luck, Flacco

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    Schaub, Luck, Flacco

    So I had Luck, Flacco and Romo. traded Romo for Andre Johnson Daryll Richardson. Now that guy dropped Schaub. Should I stick with Luck anf Flacco or drop one for Schaub? I am thinking Schaub for Flacco but I am pretty torn. I think Flacco may be asked to throw a lot more, but he will probably make more mistakes as well. Any opinions?


    Luck, Flacco, R Wayne, R White, A Johnson, S Hill, A Boldin, R Rice, J Charles, D Brown, D Richardson,c Spiller, A Hernandez

    I'd drop Hill but I need him this week unless Brown starts. 5 guys on Byes.

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    I'd say Schaub is done as a fantasy QB because AJ is no longer a top 20 WR. AJ is aging quick and it is no real surprise. Unless DeVier Posey busts onto the seen you can pretty much wrap up Schaub for the year. He should still have average #s but I'd rather Flacco. Flacco is having a great year AT HOME. That said he should end the year on fire.


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