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Thread: Just Voted, *****es!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Just Voted, *****es!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Was going out of town for a conference around/on Election Day and applied for an absentee ballot a few weeks back

    Lets put it this way, a non-English speaking illegal alien bussed into the polling station by an "advocate" has an easier time being able to vote-
    it's absurd that a US Citizen, registered to vote, cannot get a ballot on demand for an upcoming election from his city/town of residence

    Anyroadup, voted for the M______ ....and felt good about it

    Even voted for a (D) State Assemblywoman I actually met awhile back who gives me some MILFy-good vibes
    (she ran unopposed anyway)

    Drew fake moustaches, penuses and "peace signs" (Specificly, CND logos) on the other candidates' names and likenesses


    All that's left to do is sit back and have a front row seat for at least one of the upcoming riots

    Maybe lay down some hard coin in Vegas on the upcoming Pardons...Corzine, Mumia, Rezko, Blago, Pollard, KSM, Padilla, Lindh...

    Then wait a few years for the daughter's Playboy spread/tell all...

    how Johnny Depp made me a woman in the Oval Office

    dressed like the Mad Hatter
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    Good job JSJ

    Exercising a privilege billions in more than 100 places in the world are fighting or would fight to do.

    We may not agree on much politics wise....

    I'm not voting for either of these two bad choices....

    but you are a good Citizen and also

    A Great Jet Fan


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