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Thread: Maybins tackle total for 2012 ?

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    Maybin played well against the Colts, had a couple of QB hits and hurries. Other than that he really hasnt made an impact and the lack of playing time only serves as an excuse for so long.

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    good grief, maybin has cost the jets nearly nothing. sure he should have more tackles but that's also why the bills launched him. he'll be gone next season if it keeps up.

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    Cmon guy....
    He's supposed to make tackles when the coaches decide to leave him on the sidelines and play the aged molasses gang instead with ALL their tackles

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    It is pretty obvious that the Maybin experiment has failed and will be terminated after the end of this season but you guys are all looking at this the wrong way. With his next tackle he will have made a 100% improvement!!

    Just imagine how mouthy he might decide to get in the media if he had like two or even three whole tackles on the season.


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