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Thread: Woody & Tanny R setting up for 2014

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    It is not possible to assemble a winner by overpaying for somone else's talent in free agency. Champions are built in the draft and we have been putrid in the draft so it really does not matter how many sh1tty contracts that we can wipe off the books in 2014. Not until we fix the drafting problem that we have in the front office. After that it will take a good 2-3 years of solid drafting to get us competitive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sec.101row23 View Post
    You do realize that when teams draft a QB high and invest tens of millions of dollars in him, that they generally do not pull the plug on him after 3 seasons. You better be 1,000% sure he can not be your guy. I know you hate Sanchez, but he is not Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith, or Tim Couch.

    I know people get frustrated with Sanchez, but he is going to be the starter the rest of this season and next. Most teams realize that when you decide to draft a QB high that it is at least a 5 year commitment. Mark will be starting his 5th season next year and still only be 26 years old.
    Boy, after todays performance, you still want to stand by those words?!

    This is the most insanely idiotic sh*t I've ever seen.

    Sanchez CONTINUES to kill this team and people line up to make excuses for him. He's garbage, pure garbage.

    And it's exactly this kind of crap that makes the NYJ organization and their fans a bunch of clowns. I'm not talking about all of their fans, but a select few. You know who you are.


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