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Thread: Trey Anastasio Band- Beacon and Capitol Theatres

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    Trey Anastasio Band- Beacon and Capitol Theatres

    Anyone go last night?
    Real good show, could've gotten a little funkier and spacier as its been for the last few tours, but all in all pretty solid. Oooh Child jammed out real nice. My boy was backstage and during setbreak and Trey told him that was a once in a lifetime rendition of the song.
    Hadn't been to the Beacon in a long time, and I guess I don't plan on going back unless absolutely necessary. Obviously beautiful venue, historic, and convenient to get to. But security was insane. They were going up and down every row on the floor for the whole show popping people for smoking. I was on the aisle and every couple minutes I had some guy in my face looking down our row, really annoying. Then they started confiscating people's glowsticks. I got yelled at when I tossed one that had hit me. That was definitely a first.

    Going to the Capitol in Portchester tomorrow, GA on the floor. Last show I saw there was The Ramones Adios Amigos tour (I met and got a guitar pick from CJ, so cool). Another great and historic venue, glad to see its revival. The show is gonna be webcasted on
    You going?

    PS This is my first thread, please be gentle.
    Or rip it to shreds. IDGAF

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    What is this thread about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FF2 View Post
    What is this thread about?
    So sorry. It was supposed to be about elastic waistbands, but I got carried away.

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    I didnt go but my buddy was part of the Trey-led Conga line that went out of the Beacon down Broadway. He said the people on the street (and specifically the Viand Diner) thought they were crazy. Had a hard time getting back in butbsomehow managed it.

    Never had the problem you had at the Beacon, whether it was the Allmans or Someone like Levon Helm.

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    Yeah I went to lots of Phil shows there a few years back, and had no problem either. It was quite different this time.
    Tonight's Trey show at the Capitol got postponed till next Monday, but I'll be in PR... Oh well.


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