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Thread: Geico COmmercial

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    Quote Originally Posted by sg3 View Post
    None worse than the one with halfwit has been Gallagher

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    worst is the bodybuilder directing traffic, and the ugly old fat chick staring him down, thinking dirty ugly old fat thoughts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishooked View Post
    Mods, before the power goes out, please change Carlton's username to 'Caltron'

    Why not

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big L View Post
    I dislike that commercial. And that geico pig.

    An aside - I have a husband and wife acquaintance, and they like to screw with people. They have gone to the housewares aisle and pretend to be bickering in front of a stranger. The wife will go "so which broom should we buy?" And he says "I dunno, why don't you take them for a test ride?".

    Good times, I tells ya.

    Say, that's rich!

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    That entire campaign annoys me beyond belief. Without exaggeration, every time the commercial appears, I want to punch the little twerp (the thinner one of the two "band" guys) with the faux beard in the face. Such a smarmy, smirking jerk.

    I mean, who cast this f**k face? He has the charisma of late stage cholera.

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    All commercials suck unless there is copious amounts of breastage in them.


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