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Thread: Apologies to Shotty

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    Apologies to Shotty

    Shotty--you are much better then Sparano--I apologize for being so critical of you. But this doesn't mean I want you back.

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    Your ex always looks good in hindsight.

    Fact is, it's not JUST Schotty's fault and it's not JUST Sparano's fault. There's plenty of blame to go around with this team. Mark, Rex, Schotty, Sparano, Tanny, etc.

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    I recant nothing.

    Schoddy... you still suck.

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    lol i told folks it wasn't the OC ... an OC can't fix this QB, receiving corps, and terrible RB corps. Seriously this organization hasn't drafted a dynamic player since Santonio Moss and his best years were after he left. Jet fans will forever hate the OC but act like the players here should be delivering 30 points a game.


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