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Thread: Gas Fireplace - Can It Work In A Blackout?

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    lighter fluid might work for reignition

    mebbe have one or more of those Amish thingys on standby

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlumberKhan View Post
    Yes. It will work. You may have to light it manually and the blower motor won't work.

    The responses in this thread from the clueless is very lol worthy.

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    You're not supposed to run them without the vent fans running, you ever hear of carbon monoxide poisoning? Now who's the clueless one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAR I View Post
    Yes, chimney takes something out, fans usually push the air into the room.

    SAR I
    Definitely find the manual for this system and read it, there may be a vent fan also, if there is, don't use it, very dangerous

    I know this from owning a pellet stove

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timmy® View Post
    If you were a real rich guy you'd have an automatic generator system that
    would supply your entire house with plenty of electricity. Instead you went for the BMW rather than a package of a Chevy Malibu and the generator system.

    At least your kids can look at the BMW in the driveway while they are freezing uncontrollably in your house.

    Living above your means AND a worthless PSL for a bottom five team. You are screwed.
    Very interesting point, SAR.

    I'm half a peasant and have my house on full generator power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by THE_SOOTHSAYER View Post
    Very interesting point, SAR.

    I'm half a peasant and have my house on full generator power.
    When we lived in NH for 14 years we never had a blackout go more than a single day about 25 times (1996-2009) and only had one go for multiple days 1 time (epic ice storm 2008).

    In the 19 months we've been in NJ we've never lost power ever. Now that we have, the generator install people will be the very first call when the power is restored. That said...

    We have gas into our stove, are making soups and pastas and eggs and anything fried in a pan every day.

    We have gas into our water heater, have unlimited hot water to shower in.

    We have gas into our fireplace, can crank it up to 75 degrees in our great room where we're currently camped out every night.

    While having a generator would get the boiler going and steam heat into every room, it means worrying about gasoline- and that's the one thing that's been a non-issue for us this week. We filled up both cars last Monday, and since we have no place to go we've got plenty of fuel left. Few trips to town to see movies, few trips to the mall to kill time. No waiting 3+ hours for $20 of premium necessary.

    So I'm on the fence with the generator based on this experience. I guess in sub-zero temps the fireplace might not cut it and thus the generator is a nice insurance policy. I'll check into it and report back.

    SAR I


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