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Thread: Season's over

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    Off topic... Cat Woman was Beautiful!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by McGinley View Post
    We're coming up on a much easier second half of our season.
    I don't understand this argument.

    We just got the sh*t smacked out of us by a mediocre Miami team at home.

    No game is going to be easy for this team. There are no gimmies when you have a pile of dogsh*t at the QB position, no threat of a running game, a seemingly clueless HC who lets the inmates run the asylum, and a defense that has lost its balls.

    We look like the most undisciplined team in the league right now.

    All bark and no bite = The 2012 NY Jets

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    Quote Originally Posted by PMarsico9 View Post

    The quicker that Tebow is starting, the quicker that failure gets out of the way, the quicker a new GM and head coach can rebuild this franchise.

    To me it's that simple. Sanchez needs to be moved to the bench and after next season when he's cuttable, released. He doesn't work in NY.

    More attention needs to be paid to the offensive personnel. There's some young talent in place but we're looking at a 2-3 year rebuild that needs to happen and needs to take place under a viable NFL GM or at least somebody with the potential to be one like Kevin Abrams, the Assistant GM of the Giants.

    You cannot force, if a young QB is acquired, that QB to go into the same situation as Sanchez. It needs to be a situation like Andrew Luck is in where essentially nothing is expected of the team.

    That has killed Sanchez. That has killed this team.
    I think Woody gave Rex two years to bring him a Superbowl. He didn't do it in year one or two and I think the 'rebuilding', or sitting back and doing nothing, started last year. Last year's moves seemed very questionable, put them together with this year's and it doesn't look like there is any intention to win a championship this year.

    Rex honestly believed he could do it with a rookie QB. It's not like he had any other alternatives either, on the FA market. So he did the best he could with what he had. If they had better coaching personnel for Sanchez maybe they might have made it work but they put him in an impossible situation - don't make any mistakes, no way to develop a QB.

    To the poster saying the team doesn't care, it's probably because they don't. They are already looking past this year. That's the only way you can explain last year's and this year's moves. I don't know if it means an entirely new regime or just getting rid of some of it but since they signed Sanchez maybe next year is another sit it out and wait one.

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    Never going to happen. Woody will never fire Tanny of Rex. They need to finish screwing this season over, then after screwing up next years season, then one of them will be gone, but not both, not this season.


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