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Thread: Cannizzaro: Gang Greenís struggles could put Rexís job status in jeopardy

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    This is a passing league Kentucky Jet, even todayís championship college teams donít showcase the option play anymore.
    As you mentioned, in a perfect World, McElroy ( a passer with a winning pedigree) should be given a shot. At the very least, we would know whether or not heís the possible solution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainejet View Post
    It has EVERYTHING to do with Mark Sanchez. Don't argue with me just because it doesn't fit your delusional outlook on the team.
    This team was built to win on a strong defense and a power running game.

    Having a quarterback throw 60 times a game was never part of the deal.

    I'm not arguing with you. I'm stating fact.

    SAR I


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