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Thread: Let's say Rex gets fired and Bill Cowher is not available

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    Cowher isn't going to any place w/ no qb...

    He'd go to San Diego w/ Rivers any day of the week before going to the Jets w/ Sanchez...

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    Imagine Rex gets fired and they hire his brother Rob

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    Quote Originally Posted by King P View Post
    First off let me say I am still a supporter of Rex Ryan.

    That said, there is something that the Jets organization needs to consider.

    From Bill Parcells, to Al Groh, to Herm Edwards, to Eric Mangini, to Rex Ryan, all of these coaches have one thing in common:

    They are all defensive minded coaches.

    Now while that shouldn't matter as much, I'm of the believe that the Jets defense (as it stands) is capable of being competitive regardless of whether it has a defensive minded coach or not.

    So with that being the case, why not potentially look for someone that knows his offensive X and O's to be the lead man, if coaching is believed to be the issue?
    Prior to that what about their choice of offensive coaches (Walton, Coslet)? I do think they pick defensive coaches because most recently, successful coaches seem to come from that side (Parcells, Belichick, Tomlin). Rex needs a strong innovative offensive coach to cover his major weakness. He is too busy trying to stop the new NFL offenses to really try and learn the offense. If he had the players he needs (pass rusher) he would stop having to scheme his way to real pressure. Top down Parcells had this organization strong and doing things the right way. He didn't finish the job and screwed the next HC (Belly) when he left. He still left the team is good shape.

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    I'd rather have Mangini at this point than Rex... At least you get a disciplined team that doesn't blow smoke up all his players' asses as being the best...

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    I swear Jet fans hate our staff and front office, but want any big name available.

    Cowher is not the answer to this team. He might be a step up from Rex, but you would hate his philosophy as well.

    Hearing people complain about the offense and then saying "Hire Cowher" is just laughable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetinHuntersville View Post
    He was let go from the Saints because his D has sucked a$$ the past 3 or 4 years.
    He was New Orleans DC for only 3 years.

    The first year his D complemented their potent offense perfectly, causing tons of turnovers, many at key times (Favre INT in the 4th qtr of NFCCG, Peyton INT for a TD in SB to clinch game....hell even we lost to them 24-10 that year because a pick 6 that went 90+ yards and a fumble recovery for TD were the difference) and that Saints defense was notoriously bad the year prior to his arrival.

    Yeah the two following years they took a big step back, but the man did alot with minimal talent in NO and coached Top Defenses for years in Tennessee and Washington......which is why he was Jeff Fishers first choice to run his D down in STL.

    I would be more than happy with Gregg Williams as our D Coordinator IF Rex were to be fired and we hired someone like Jon Gruden as the HC.

    The only reason I would be against hiring Williams as the DC is if the potentially new GM and HC feels our talent in built more for a 3-4 Defense as oppose to Williams 4-3 aggressive style. Guys like Harris, Pouha, DeVito and the aging LB core of Scott, Pace and Thomas (who should all likely be gone regardless who the DC is) would not be good fits for a 4-3....... our young DEs (Coples, Mo) and even Ellis I can see being effective in either Defense. I could see guys like Maybin, Davis, Landry and Cro excel in a Gregg Williams type defense, with aggressive play calling and lots of chances to cause turnovers.

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    Andy Reid

    Best chance to salvage Sanchez's career.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LA Jet Fan View Post
    Let me make a point here.

    When Joe Torre was the Manager for the , Mets and Cardinals he did below average with those teams.

    Torre managed the Mets from 1977 to 1981 season, but failed to improve the team's record. After five years without a winning season, he was fired

    In 1990, Torre replaced the popular Whitey Herzog as Cardinals manager and posted a 351354 record.

    So he goes on to coach the Yankees and people think he is the Messiah!!!

    Talent is why he won with the Yankees, and if we have a team with very little talent and playmakers does it really matter? A great GM is what we need!!!!!
    Well in baseball the manager doesn't do anything, of course it's all talent. The manager has direct control of 1-2 games in an entire 162 game season. In football the head coach and staff is much more important, and usually good has don't have their teams in prepared and have 2 blow outs at home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SONNY WERBLIN View Post

    Before Indy, he built a Buffalo Bills (1986-1993) team that went to 4 Superbowls and an expansion Carolina Panther (1994-1997) team that went to the NFC Championship game in its second year of existence. And who do you think drafted Mathis, Freeney, Wayne, Clark, Edgerrin James, Joseph Addai et. al. He also had the balls to trade away Marshall Faulk rather than break the bank to pay him and completed a tremendous Bill D (drafted by him) by making a great trade for Cornelius Bennet.
    Any halfway knowledgeable football fan knows Bill Polian is one of the best GM's in the game.

    If Woody had half a brain he'd throw a small fortune at Polian and have him become the new GM while relegating Tanny to his old position as capologist which is where he belongs. Tanny's drafts have been horrible last several years with the exception of this season which he actually decided to grow a pair and take a risk with Coples and Hill but he's still not a great GM.


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