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Thread: Week 8 - Start/Sit

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    Week 8 - Start/Sit

    Am I doing okay?

    League #1

    League #2

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    I'm staying away from any team playing in the Philly game this weekend.
    The anticipation is that the heaviest rain will be south of Philadelphia during the Eagles game. There will be bands of heavy rain in the area, however.
    Even without the rain it will likely be windy as heck so it should be an ugly game.

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    Thank you! Unfortunately I have no spare WR to replace Roddy White. I gambled with V-Jax and him. I hope he does better than the 4 Points from the game vs. MIN.

    I could add Kerley or Hartline from FA, but I see no player I could cut without hurting my depth. Maybe BJGE...?

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    Bowe,Josh Gordon, britt, or djax need to start 2

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    God, I hate Jay Cutler...


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