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It's obvious that this season may not be our greatest as an organization. New England, though, is bullish about their chances. We also know that New England likes to manage the back-end of their roster: cutting players, resigning them to the practice squad, elevating them, etc. What if we spent some energy on messing with their rhythm? Claim guys that they waive and hope to put on the PS. Sign away their PS players. Piss them off a little bit and make life less comfortable than they're used to. Throw them off their game. It won't make our team better, but it will make their team worse. A zero sum game.

So why do it? Well, once they're frazzled, then make an offer: we'll stop if they give us a favorable trade. Could be draft picks, could be players. But hey, we're a team with nothing to lose and they're a team with everything to lose. Take advantage of it.
Fess up....this is a trial balloon before you submit it to the Onion