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Thread: JETS video

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    JETS video

    A pretty good video. Say what you want about it, but a decent QB.
    Just sayin'

    Worst thing Jets ever did was to get rid of Braylon!!! Spark plug!!! Playmaker!!!

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    It's been said before ad nauseum how utterly retarded it was to let Braylon go like that but I believe it might have been Woody Woodpecker's call in the end.

    Too bad...

    Hill could've benefitted from sitting out a year(or play sparingly) and learning from a semi-vet like Braylon(except to not pay attention when he was dropping passes. )

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    Those were awesome, but those are in the past. Sad to say that the mistakes Tanny has made, has caused a lot of what we have today. These plays do not exist anymore and will not be seen for a long time. This team is 4 years older/slower and the talent level is so depleted that it will take years before this team will be able to compete as a contender., but those were some great memories, but as fans we can't live in the past.

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    Tannenbaum Johnson Stienberg! Oi vey!


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