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Patriots dont start really playing until December anyhow...
This was the warm up season, now the Patriots will start to open things up.

There can be no denying the Defense has serious issues, but they did last season as well, then in the last 2-3 games really played well and gave them a good push into the playoffs.

Boy, thats hard to say.
I know there are not world beaters by any stretch, but Gregory's 1st day back was Sunday, Chung should be returning for the december stretch and Talib will be a upgrade by then. At least those three are better than their back-ups. The pats are playing Dennard a lot of min and with all rookies the first 1/2 of the season is more bad than good. But you take the hit now in order to maybe better in december and january.

I feel good about the Pat's chances. Plus they are getting Hernadez back