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Thread: Life long Jets fan

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    Life long Jets fan

    I am a life long Jets fan originally from NJ I l have retired from being an over the road truck driver and am now living in San Diego

    Trouble times for sure for the Jets but I watch them every week on

    Anyway I like Jets insider and have been reading it for awhile

    My first ever Jet game was Dec 3 1967 The Jets played the Broncos
    at Shea I was 8 years old
    The Broncos won 21 -13 Joe Namath had a not so good game. I think he had 4 INTs but he did hit a bunch of long passes. The crowd loved him

    I went to many more games at Shea and The Meadowlands
    I saw The Jets lose a playoff game to the Buffalo Bills
    in the early 80's I saw Pat Ryan win a playoff game in 86
    I saw The Jets beat the Jags in the 98 Division playoffs
    I was at the game when Vinny got hurt in 99
    I was at the game against the Packers at the end of the year
    when we needed a ton of help but everything worked out
    The Jets beat the Packers then made the playoffs, I went the next week
    and saw them beat Indy 41-0
    Sadly I also saw all the heart breaking loses too

    Its so tough to be a Jets fan I have screamed J E T S many times
    Someday It will be our turn to win the Superbowl again

    Name is Bill V.
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    Welcome aboard "Driver".

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    Binder? Bender's cousin?

    Welcome aboard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WestCoastOffensive View Post
    Binder? Bender's cousin?

    Welcome aboard.

    Thanks ,

    No not John Bender from The Breakfast Club either :

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