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Sure was. Didn't hurt that the defender fell down.

But let's stick to the facts: Mark Sanchez sucks. Say what you will about Tebow, but don't deny these facts:

1) Tebow's 3 n'outs burn more clock than Sanchez's.

2) Tebow starting will cut down on inexcusable turnovers.

Speaking of inexcusable, it's inexcusable that we have this level of QB play this late in the season (as in "too late") to make a real change.

All I wanted in the beginning of the season was to win games. As it turns out, Sanchez has hallmark contributions to Jet losses: defensive linemen successfully defending Sanchez passes, turnovers when not protecting the ball when getting sacked, red zone interceptions, pick 6s.

Sanchez is a disaster and he is worse than his stats.
Rex is a fat hog, and the fact he is so beloved speaks to the fact that many fans share both his BMI and his oklahoman religious conservative politic.

News flash, lard boy, the country has changed and the NFL has changed. Nobody gives a shiet about Doug plank anymore. Nobody gives a shiet about your ridiculous blitzes and inane Splenda depravities on the sideline.

This team makes me sick, and even moreso when I see an overmatched defensive coordinator and overpaid bean counter trying to run an NFL team.