That's what the Jets greatest player ever said to the press after he threw five interceptions against the Denver Broncos (with two rookie DBs) after a home loss in 1968 (their one and only championship season).

Why do I bring this up.

At least, Namath, our best player ever, admitted he sucked after a bad game.

I hate watching Sanchez, whom I still believe has some natural ability, give us some sort of "Zoloft"-induced non-emotional response after he stinks up the joint. (C'mon he can't even complete a freakin' screen pass. Even Harry Theofiledes at 5'8" could've done that).

So, Mark, a little advice: if you ever think you have a small chance of holding Joe Willie's jockstrap, Man-Up and admit it when you suck. Maybe that'll help you realize who you are and what you need to do to be who you want to be.