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Thread: How about Norv Turner as OC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDNYjets View Post
    Serious question.

    What makes you guys think that he would come here? He will probably interview for some HC jobs and if those don't pan out I am sure there are much better OC opportunities than the Jets.

    Would he work for Rex after how Rex insulted him last year? Would he want to be the OC and work for what will likely be a first time HC IF Rex is canned?
    I'm not sure if Norv is at "write your own ticket" status anymore even as an OC. His options may be very limited this offseason once he is canned, he's certainly tarnished his reputation considerably the last few years. I don't see him having any sort of relationship with Rex where that would work though, plus given the lack of offensive talent here we're probably one of the few destinations he would flat out turn down or not even consider.

    Bringing Sparano back would be comical after this season, but Rex is stubborn and loyal to a fault. Ultimately, that may cost him his job as HC, I'm just not sure things could get bad enough this season for Rex to be let go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsfan1983 View Post
    The best teams are the best teams partly because of continuity. Have to keep it... We have a good system in place, stick with it. New England and a couple of other teams use the same damn thing.

    Keep trying to change **** and the team will struggle for years. Just stick with things a bit and leave it alone. In terms of the coaches and executives anyway.

    Parcells is one of the greatest coaches of all time and he had plenty of bad stretches throughout his career.
    I don't know, I did not see anything that would want me to stick with Sparano if I was a jets fan. "ground and pound" ??? and neither is Mike martz the way to go on the other end of the spectrum.

    A guy from left field? Bobby Petrino. The affair that he had and lying to the university probably keeps him out of major college ball for 5 years. I thinnk he is a very good offensive mind. Ran pro sets at both Louisville and Arkansas. No nfl team will give him a HC shot after Atlanta.

    He was a OC under Coughlin in Jacksonville. Being a OC in the largest media market will position him for a HC gig in college in a few years.


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