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Thread: FWIW, we're looking to add a new RB...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PMarsico9 View Post
    Slaton's pretty talented. He had trouble holding onto the ball and lost his job to Tate, then Foster when they found out Tate can't stay healthy.

    But he had a couple of really solid games for Houston before being demoted.

    I believe he ran the option at WVU.........take that for what it's worth......
    Actually, Slaton lost his job to Foster at the end of 2009. I think it was his two fumbles against Indy in critical situations that did him in.

    The following year, Tate was drafted, but was hurt in preseason. Foster won the job outright in 2010. Slaton fell out of favor. Tate became the back-up in 2011. Bye-bye Slaton.

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    your both wrong!

    he lost it to moats, who lost it to foster

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    Slaton was nothing more then a 1 year wonder. The Texasns where known for taking bad RBs and making them look better then they where. Pist I remember Ron Dayne had 2 good years there. Slaton was replaced by Derrick Ward that pretty much says it all. Why aren't we bringing him in?

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    Here's the thing....every FO/CS has their own rolodexes. Its filled with the contact info of players, coaches, executives and everyone else they've come across in the league over the years. Need a punter? Check the rolodex - you may have a quality punter from TC. Or, your buddy out in San Diego may have had a guy you might be interested in.

    The Jets CS/FO, it seems, has a very limited rolodex. It started with Tanny/Mangini regime. The folks there had a very linear history - they were all from the Parcells tree. So, when Mangini lost Heimerdinger as OC, he didn't really have anywhere to turn to (the only coaches he worked with deemed him a traitor) and ultimately was left with an unproven guy like Shotty. Likewise, he tapped Daboll from the Pats as well. In fact, the hiring of Mangini in and of itself stemmed from what Tanny was familiar with - someone from a prior Jets (Parcells) regime.

    When Rex came in, much of the same - most of his staff was from the Ravens, although there is nothing wrong with tapping into the Ravens defense. And now we our Offense run by Sparano. Rex clearly has no connections to any offensive talent around the league, and what's going on when the Jets need to hit the waiver wire? We are looking at the Dolphins has beens. There has rarely been a position filled that hasn't had a Dolphin as a candidate. Plus, we've picked up Hilliard, Gates, and that Dlineman who got injured. And now Slaton is the viable candidate.

    Its understandable that Coaches gravitate towards players they know, but it would be nice if we had a CS and FO that had some diverse roots around the league. A staff that was tapped into all sorts of talent, players and coaches alike - not just from their previous coaching stint.

    Slaton may well be the best guy for whatever roster spot they are looking at. But, it seems to me that the universe of players we are looking at may not be the most complete one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlton View Post
    I feel like it's August.

    "If we could just get a RB, a right tackle and a veteran WR we'll be alright!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by AbstraKt View Post
    Jason La Canfora @JasonLaCanfora
    Jets intent to sign a RB today. Working them out. Steve Slaton and Kahlil Bell among them. Slaton played for OC Tony Sparano in Mimai

    Bell's also working out for the Giants.

    One position down a lot more to go...
    So we got Bell? We beat the Giants!

    Aww yeah! Suck it, Eli!

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    Big trouble.


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