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Thread: Did you realize??

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    Did you realize??

    That today "November 13" is the day that Felix Unger was asked to remove himself from his place of residence??

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    Love the odd couple! I used to watch it on wpix 11 on a small bw tv in bayside queens when I was a kid in late 70s! Honeymooners then odd couple and then Star Trek at midnight. Mom thought I was sleeping

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    Yes, three of the early classics you just do not find on tv anymore.

    Best line, Oscor was trying to get back at filix for Oscor saving his life. Oscor asks for chicken for dinner, starts to eat and pretends to be choking on a bone, Felix says the chicken is boneless, and Oscor replaies with, "how did it walk". to this day I use that line whenever buying boneless chicken.


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