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Thread: Tebow's limited playing time due to Jet's cap problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlickBri481 View Post
    He's better than any Jets beat writer and the majority of NFL analysts around the country. I'm surprised ESPN New York or the local newspapers haven't given him a look yet. Realistically, his analysis and writing might be too intelligent for those news outlets, who like big headlines and more dumbed down flashy analysis without substance.
    Those other publications are enamored with the drivel they currently get. You think that they may want to increase circulation of those rags or something.

    Good theory there. Seeing how a 'numbers' guy picks the talent around here. I thought that something was up at the G position.

    Only on the NY Jets

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    If this is true.......I cant even...

    We're a colossal dumpster fire at this point. A terrible team making personnel decisions in order to save money.

    I don't necessarily believe that's what's going on with Sanchez and Tebow, but I don't see another explanation for the odd Slauson-Ducasse thing that's been going on.


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