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Thread: Report: US Could Face Massive Physician Shortage Under Obamacare

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    Quote Originally Posted by parafly View Post
    I'm genuinely curious ... what exactly in Obamacare would cause a doctor to want to leave the profession?
    The Obama part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kennyo7 View Post
    Sure, there is plenty of data. In an ideal medical system there will 70% primary care physicians and 30% specialists. In the USA that percentage is reversed.

    I suggest you read The Physician Workforce Crisis: Where is The Evidence? By David Goodman, MD in the March 2005 edition of Health Affairs.

    Or try this

    The other problem is the distribution of physicians in the US is heavily skewed where certain areas have too many physicians while others are grossly underserved
    Interesting reads, thanks.

    Yes, on the surface it does appear that a larger a greater than optimal percentage of physicians go into specialties. Why is that? They get paid more. The issue is that the government effectively sets the salaries of physicians through medicare compensation. Do you really think more legislation is going to make the problem better?

    I think your point better demonstrates the potential negative impact that Obamacare could have on physician supply, than anything else posted here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trades View Post
    The Obama part.
    lol that would be true in many cases. Funny, though

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    There was already a shortage of Doctors under the current system. Roughly 35,000 MD's retire every year and only 25,000 graduate medical school.

    The reason is medical malpractice torts. Obamacare does have tort reform cracking down on frivolous law suits but it doesn't go far enough. I would actually support legislation that ends the medical malpractice tort all together. Medical Schools would be able to accept way more applicants than just the top 10% and Dr's would no longer have to pay malpractice insurance.

    Military Doctors cannot be sued under Med Mal Torts because they have Feres Immunity. Just expand it to all Doctors.


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