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Thread: Hurricane Email from Jets

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    Hurricane Email from Jets

    I am sure most received it that are season ticket holders. It came across in poor taste IMO. How come they are just sending it now? They are extending the deadline for PSL payments?? Well the deadline was Oct 31st.. Its November 14th now. If they really cared about the fans and there well being, they would have written the email a few days before the deadline.

    I guess a lot of people didnt pay their installment and they are worried.. Its just the Jets being the Jets I guess. Throwing in a natural disaster, and pretending to care. If they really cared, they would have written this email WAYYYYY before today. Typical..

    Below is email,
    We hope that you are safe following Sandy and that you have regained some normalcy in your life. We know that these past two weeks have been extremely hard and the road ahead will be difficult for many. The New York Jets wanted you to know that you and your families are in our thoughts.

    Many of you have been greatly impacted by Sandy. Please know that, if any Season Ticket Holders need support from us with extended PSL payment deadlines or alternative PSL payment arrangements, we are here to help. We do not want to deter your focus from recovering from the storm.

    Please let us know how we can best assist you as a Jets Season Ticket Holder during these difficult times by contacting a Jets Representative at 800-469-JETS (5387) or

    The New York Jets

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    Lmao... Investment gold

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    What Woody wants:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonhomme Richard View Post
    Lmao... Investment gold
    They could have been, and still have a chance to be that's the risk involved if you think of them as an investment.

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    I have upper deck seats and got an email but they didn't include the PSL deadline part.

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    The day before the second installment is due (if you chose a three month plan instead of the one time payment) for the PSL. How nice.


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