This whole circus thing has taken the sting out of the season for me. We were really never a legitimate Superbowl team anyway so what does another 8-8, 7-9 season get us anyways except the 15/16th pick in the draft.
The team spinning out of control will help initiate some kind of changes which we all agree are needed.
There is absolutely NO WAY that Tebow can be part of this team next year, it would be impossible with the type of media coverage this team gets so that's a plus right there.
I'm not a Tebow hater but Sparano doesn't even use the guy properly so what's the point of having him?
The defense is actually very close to being REALLY GOOD. Jets need a pass rushing LB in next years draft & a steady FA LB to solidify the team with the return of Revis.
Davis will make a huge jump now that he's seeing the field & will have the whole offseason to acclimate as a starter all next year.
The funny thing is that we really aren't as BAD as we are being portrayed, Sanchez is just playing HORRIBLY and it's bringing the entire team down.
* What to do at QB will be the Jets biggest challenge heading into 2013.
Add in Green & his inability to take advantage of holes for big yardage & between the QB & RB it's just a huge clusterf*ck of suck!
A competent QB along with a great draft next year & the Jets will be in the mix like 70% of the NFL teams THIS YEAR are in the mix.
You get Revis & Holmes back & that alone upgrades the starters immensely.
2- RB- BPA

1- Competent young LB
2- Competent Guard

* A really good RB will help the Oline look a lot better