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Thread: Really sucks to be out of it in mid-November

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaPZ187 View Post
    We are currently 2 games out of a WC spot.....and we have the tie breaker in head to head competition over them (Indy).

    It's still far from over. Especially since we have the more favorable schedule, where Indy has Houston 2xs and at Detroit. Even Buffalo and Tennessee are no guaranteed W's for them.

    We still have alot to overcome, but its definitely far from over.

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    your never out till the math says so. 4 years ago rex said that the jets were out and they got back in with some help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyJet View Post
    Oh yeah thats what I meant I though i accidently went on the vaGiants board with the front runner stuff. Happy Thanksgiving Sean
    You too, Bud.


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