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Thread: Bart Scott STFU!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by copernicus View Post
    Just a pathetic laughing stock. The JETS organization has no class whatsoever putting up with actions like this. You dont win anything in life when you continue to act classless. Ridiculous.

    Betcha, deep down, Woody loves this...........
    sad isn't it.

    Notice the in civility ofmthe kool aid club?

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    Broncos o line didn't talk to the media for 3 or four years and won 2 SB. This isn't the worse thing. Us against the world attitude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by southparkcpa View Post
    sad isn't it.

    Notice the in civility ofmthe kool aid club?
    Yes and yes

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    Bart tries to lead media boycott
    November, 18, 2012
    NOV 18
    7:55 PM ET
    By Dick Semem-i

    ST. LOUIS -- Even with a win, the Jets can't avoid controversy.

    Linebacker Bart Scott, who's had his share of run-ins with reporters, tried to orchestrate a media mutiny among the defensive players after the Jets' 27-13 win over the Rams Sunday at the Edward Jones Dome.

    Scott told his defensive teammates to answer all questions with, "Both teams played hard" -- and that's it.

    Bart Scott speaks with 98.7 FM's Marty Lyons after the game.

    Initially, at least two players, CB Antonio Cromartie and DE Muhammad Wilkerson, were willing to go along with Scott's edict. When Scott emerged from the shower and saw LB Bryan Thomas chatting with a group of reporters, he barked, "Really, Bryan? Really?"

    Scott wasn't irate -- there seemed to be a hint of levity in his voice -- but he kept haranguing Thomas. He called Thomas a "f------ sellout." To his credit, Thomas kept talking to reporters. Yeremiah Bell called over to Scott and told him to stop.

    In the end, the boycott fizzles and players cooperated with the media, including Scott, who stood in front of his locker for an interview. He accused the media of trying to divide the team.

    Some players were upset with the media in the wake of a New York Daily News story in which unnamed players ripped backup QB Tim Tebow.

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    "By Dick Semem-i"

    Sorry, won't read this crap.

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    Wow thank God they didn't lose...

    I wouldn't mind if they all shut up for a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetFuel View Post
    He is yelling at the defensive players to not speak to the media in the locker room and when they do he is yelling they are sell outs. This is being reported on SNY.

    He needs to go , just cut him, I think he is the big issue in the locker room.
    He was having amnesia after being run over by Steven Jackson!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Untouchable View Post

    Homer doesn't even begin to describe you.
    Good old unreadable...pissed off that's the team he hates won a game and massively angry at those who dare to root for that team

    The KING of Jets Insider SOJFs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green + White View Post
    "By Dick Semen-i"

    Sorry, won't read this crap.
    Fixed and plus a million

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vin View Post
    I agree with the Jets POSTGAME LIVE Crew(Adam shine, in particular) :


    Enough of this moron....
    Agreed. More importantly he sucks on the field. Pace needs to go too or at least much less playing time in place of a Davis and Coples combo. Pace is slow as molases and can't tackle anymore.

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    The man is a idiot, they can be no other reason, for feeling so strongly about the media, to ask everyone not to interview, then he goes ahead and interviews himself.

    He is certainly not stupid, and I applaud his efforts to help other players understand their finances, he is just utterly clueless at times.

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    Hubbach tweeted that Yeremiah Bell was not participating in Scott’s attempted boycott:

    Bart Hubbuch@HubbuchNYP
    Scott yells at Bryan Thomas for breaking the boycott, calling him "a MF-ing sellout." Yeremiah Bell tells Scott: "Stop it. Just stop it."

    Making the situation in the Jets’ locker room even harder to believe, Scott eventually caved and began answering questions as he normally would following a game.

    So first he declared a media boycott and went on to call out players talking to the media as "sellouts". Then he talked to the media himself and did his regular presser?

    That is the leader that Rex brought in from Baltimore

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    Rex will do the right thing and make Bart a captain. He deserves it for his play on the field and his ability to unify the locker room against the biased media. So many whiny SOJF in this thread. Man up and take the skirt off.


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