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Thread: The 2 Point Conversion - Rams

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    The 2 Point Conversion - Rams

    Can someone explain the logic there? I didn't see what happened after the Rams made it 27-13, I keep seeing that they went for a 2 point conversion, but I don't see how that makes any sense.
    I had assumed it was a botched snap of some sort... but everything i read says they just had a incomplete pass.

    Was there an explanation?

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    Had to be Schottenheimer's call?

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    It really made no sense. I couldn't figure it out. He must have read his chart wrong, was all I could figure out.

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    Only possible value is 12 points = 4 FG's. But with the time left, that's a hell of a lot of onside kick recoveries.

    I was confised by that one myself. Instead of two TD's = win, they left themselves with 2 TD's = tie.

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    Still can't figure out that awful decision.

    Maybe their OC read the card or the scoreboard incorrectly

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    There is no explanation for it. But Jeff Fisher is lucky he doesn't coach in NY. If Rex had made that call it would be all ESPN would talk about for the next 48 hours.

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    They really didn't want me to get more than 1 point out of Zuerlein in fantasy


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